I have got in the habit of buying a large bag of lemons, juicing them and freezing 2 Tablespoon portions for quick and easy use in recipes. It’s a tip I picked up along the way and I love the simplicity! Works great for limes too (…this came in handy when my husband and bro-in-law were itching for a little afternoon cocktail yesterday and we had no fresh limes in the house! ;-)

Anyway, today after juicing the lemons, I was looking sadly at the waste I had created with the ton of rinds that would soon be headed for the garbage, when I decided to do a quick search on google to see what can be done with leftover lemon rinds. Who knew there were so many answers to my random thought!


The top search results list at least 25- 30 different uses for this lemony waste so on to experimenting I went. Ages ago I’d experimented with a few ideas that were common on these lists such as stovetop potpourri and candied peel but not the cleaning ideas….

I decided to try Lemon Vinegar. It’ll take a couple weeks to steep but apparently it’s worth the wait. I’ve recently started making my own cleaning products and this is a great base for cleaners. I’ll keep you posted on whether it does the job.


I couldn’t fit all the rinds into the jars so I also used one to clean my stainless steal fridge and man does it shine now!

The final test was to throw a rind in a bowl of water, place it in the microwave, cook on high for 5 minutes that effortlessly wipe away the grime – um, genius.

If you are interested in at least 20 other uses for leftover lemon rinds just google “uses for leftover lemon rinds”. There’s enough ideas to keep you occupied for weeks.

So there you have it, lemonade isn’t the only thing to make when life give you lemons!