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5 Pillars of Preconception – free download

If you love this download or feel overwhelmed about where to start, book a 1-on-1 session with me to do a deep dive into each category for both you and your partner.

Baby Led Weaning Online Course – $99

Were you given the outdated recommendation to start your baby on rice cereal between 4-6 months old and little other direction?

Maybe you have heard about baby led weaning and feel intimidated about the approach or don’t know where to start.

In this self-directed course you will learn about the research behind baby led weaning, nutrient dense foods to introduce first (spoiler alert…it’s not rice cereal), and give you the confidence you need to set your baby up for feeding success and health for a lifetime!

The course includes the following video modules:

  • What is baby led weaning, benefits, and common myths
  • Gagging vs choking
  • When is baby ready for food?
  • Division of Responsibilities
  • Things to keep in mind
  • Safety First
  • First Foods
  • Nutrients of concern
  • Foods to avoid
  • How to cut/offer foods
  • How many meals & how much food?
  • Tips, tricks, and tools
  • Mindset
  • When to advance
  • Resources & research

MMP Ep 338: Festive Food and Big Feels The Modern Mamas Podcast

Tune in to this week’s catchup as Jess and Laura reflect on the Thanksgiving holiday, along with the highs, lows, hards, and magic of the past two weeks. And enjoy the unexpected, but totally awesome, festive food reflections on the favorite things we made, savored, and shared over the holiday, along with what we look forward to eating in the season ahead. As always this is just us sharing our own unique experiences and is in no way meant as a commentary on YOUR unique life – we hope you enjoy our story <3 Join us on Patreon! Thank you to our Sponsors! Breana White- No matter where you’re located in the U.S., contact Breana for your home buying needs! Breana White, Broker with Keller Williams Realty Central Oregon, Equal Housing Opportunity @breanasellsbend Foria Intimacy Products – Get 20% off your first order of CBD based intimacy products by visiting OR use code MODERNMAMAS at checkout. Paleovalley – Head to for 15% off — Support this podcast:
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  3. MP Ep 336: Grateful
  4. MMP Ep 335: Big Feelings
  5. MMP Ep 334: Katie Collins of Force of Nature on Regenerative Meat and a healthier future for all.

Baby Led Weaning week 1 food guide – free download

If you love this download, enroll in the self-directed baby led weaning course. You will find 4 weeks of food guides inside the course, along with video modules that will leave you feeling calm and confident in your feeding journey.